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About Vedix

Get A Unique Ayurvedic Blend For Your Hair With Vedix. Order Your 3 Product Regimen Today! Get A Detailed Free Hair Analysis & Recommended Products By Taking The Vedix Hair Quiz. Certified by Ayush. Doctor Approved. Customized Hair Oil.

India’s Only Customised Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Wellness Regimen

Hair, Skin & Wellness – Vedix products are customised for YOUR needs.

Vedix’s 3-step Solution To Your Concern

01 Take The Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire
Answer simple questions about your hair, skin and wellness to help us assess your Unique Dosha Profile

02 Get An Ayurvedic Doctor-Approved Dosha Analysis
The Vedix certified team of Ayurvedic doctors ensure that the ingredients that go into your custom regimen match your inputs given in the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

03 Order Your Custom Vedix Box
Choose a subscription package that suits you and book your custom Vedix solution!

What Are Doshas?
According to Ayurveda every person is born with a set of characteristics called as their Prakruti. Prakruti consists of Tri Dosha (3 Doshas) namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, according to the Tridosha Theory.

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